What family/marital therapy can do for you.

Family therapy can help strengthen your family’s foundation. Let’s start with the idea that family therapy can broaden the scope of your family dynamic. This translates to widening your perspective, from individuals to families and the broader socio-cultural settings that constitute an individual’s surroundings.

Family therapy can help you examine the communication and relational patterns that connect individuals to their social and physical contexts. Furthermore, this allows you to learn about your family and its many systems.

At Guided Grace Family & Youth Services, the primary emphasis of our therapeutic approach is the family as a system (i.e., conjoint, strategic, structural, and transgenerational). Our therapists are aware of the numerous individual therapy approaches successfully extended to a family setting (e.g., behavioral, cognitive, narrative, and solution-focused). Our interventions and insights are addressed in a safe and controlled environment. This permits your family to share the most important information without fear that their voices are not being heard.

Family therapy is a term for therapeutic approaches that treat the whole family as a unit. The primary goal is to assist the family in helping themselves. This term is theoretically neutral since family therapy may be conducted using various frameworks. We help by rebuilding trust, making people more aware through experience, and bringing parents and children closer together. We encourage the family to use their new understanding and behaviors outside therapy sessions to demonstrate their progress.

Looking for Therapy Options for Your Family in the Great Lakes Bay Region?

If you are experiencing challenging times as a family or married couple, it is important to ensure your relationship has the support it needs. Don’t brush things under the rug and hope they will resolve themselves! Seek help from the professionals at Guided Grace Family and Youth Services by contacting our office today!


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