Group Therapy

At Guided Grace Family and Youth Services, we offer group therapy sessions as primary or adjunctive therapy methods. Group therapy is only appropriate and effective for certain clients and will be a decision you and your therapist agree on together.

According to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health, group therapy “can be used to treat a multitude of conditions including, but not limited to, emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

Group therapy can last anywhere from 6–14 weeks, depending on the type of group and the client’s ability to move toward total wellness goals. Many groups often take place on a cyclical basis and move forth, considering interest and need.

Group therapy can promote any of the following self-actualizing concepts:


It can be incredibly motivating to be surrounded by people at other stages of the recovery process. You will also hear their stories of progress and how they struggled in the beginning!


The realization that others have similar or identical experiences to you can provide a great perspective and a sense of camaraderie, having a shared burden or struggle.

Peer-Induced Support:

It is an entirely different experience to receive recognition and be validated by people who have suffered the same pain as you. It is a reassurance that your feelings are valid and genuine.


An incredible part of group therapy can also be what YOU do for others. It can be gratifying and confidence-boosting to encourage positivity in another person! It could be your words that help someone else make progress or your story that gives someone else the confidence to fight their own battle.

A safe environment:

Group therapy sessions are a place of positivity and forward thought. You can freely express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas without worrying about judgment!

Role Models:

You may just meet someone in group therapy whose actions and words inspire you! Speaking with someone who embodies all the traits you want for yourself can be incredibly powerful.

Introspective Thought:

Observing others and listening to their stories can evoke powerful moments of introspection, that is, observation of the self. How are you similar? How are you different from them?

Team Dynamic:

Everyone in the group is chasing one goal: progress! While your dedication might waiver individually, as a cohesive team, your support network is much more robust and effective!


Sharing feelings and experiences with a group of people can help relieve pain, guilt, or stress. By vocalizing emotions and thoughts, you are releasing tension and putting your thoughts into the world. You can quite literally feel as though a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Personal Responsibility:

Things don’t happen ‘to you’—they happen ‘for you’. You can control your thoughts, emotions, and expected outcomes in your life! Sharing and listening to others can help remind you that you are in control of your life.

Looking For Group Therapy in Saginaw, MI?

If you are searching for therapy options, consider group therapy for all the incredible benefits listed above. The Guided Grace Family and Youth Services specialists lead incredible group therapy sessions for patients struggling with a wide range of issues.

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