What Is Eclectic Therapy?

Eclectic Therapy

Have you ever wondered how therapy manages to help so many people, each with their own unique problems, mental health concerns, and trauma? While that is a complex subject, part of the solution is what is known as Eclectic Therapy. Each person has their own story and interacts with life in their own way. So it makes sense to have therapeutic programs that take these dynamic factors into account. This is the basis of Eclectic Therapy. In this article, we aim to address how it works, when it can be used, as well as the different forms it may take.

The team at Guided Grace, Family and Youth Services offers a comprehensive range of therapy services to help people from all walks of life. Our team of professionals makes excellent use of individualized therapy treatment plans. This means your therapy plan is specially designed to meet your specific needs! Our goal is to provide valuable therapeutic assistance to anyone that needs it.

How Eclectic Therapy Works

Eclectic therapy is often defined as “multi-modal” because of the use of different “modes,” or approaches to help different patients. Most complete forms of therapy evaluate seven different modes, including behavior, affect, sensation, imagery, cognition, interpersonal relationships, and consideration of drugs and patient biology. 

Eclectic therapists tailor a flexible approach, rather than sticking to a more traditionally structured, narrower one. The therapeutic process is better suited to meet the needs of the patient. It also helps determine which modes and methods will be most helpful for that person. 

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, looking for universal behavior patterns; therapists instead gather specific information from the patient, then adapt the therapy session to the individual and his or her needs.

Types of Eclectic Therapy

There is a range of Eclectic Therapy subsets that have emerged since its inception. These approaches draw from a broad range of different techniques to better address the unique requirements of the individual, including:

  • Brief Eclectic Therapy: short-term Eclectic Therapy with aspects of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral treatments aiming to address a specific problem. 
  • Cognitive-Interpersonal Therapy: This approach helps people understand how their thoughts influence their relationships.
  • Multi-Modal Therapy: examines behavior, affect, senses, visualizations, cognition, relationships, and physical health. 
  • Transtheoretical Therapy: emphasizes working on achieving their goals, improving relationships, and creating positive changes in their lives.

When It’s Used

Eclectic Therapy is offered on a case-by-case basis. It is mostly provided at the discretion of your therapist. As they get to know you and learn more about your story, it can become clear that one method of therapy might not be sufficient enough to help resolve your problems. In this case, Eclectic Therapy borrows methods and therapeutic tactics from multiple other therapies to better suit your current needs. 

What to Expect

Eclectic therapy may seem unstructured at first, you may try different techniques before treatment becomes more consistent. This is an important part of the process. It is a time of discovery where your therapist can begin to build a bigger, more complete picture. 

In terms of expectations, you can expect a standard therapy experience. However, you should remain open to newer, possibly unfamiliar elements that may try to work with your sensory and physical well-being as well. 

This is a collaborative process, and depending on your response and reaction to the different forms of therapy, some aspects of your therapy may be short-lived, while others persist throughout.

Eclectic Therapy Services Available in Saginaw, MI

If you or a loved one have questions about Eclectic Therapy or any of the therapeutic services offered at Guided Grace Family and Youth Services, we are happy to help you. Call our office to speak with a member of our team or schedule a consultation online to take the first step in your therapy journey!

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