How Can Family Therapy Help?

Family Therapy

Family counseling, also referred to as family therapy, is designed to help families develop and maintain healthy and functional relationships. One of the primary goals is to identify and address problems for each member of the family. These issues can be sourced in emotions, psychology, or behavior.

Families tend to work in ‘systems’ rather than as a group of independent people. As such, changes in one family member will influence changes in the other members of the family unit.

The team of specialists at Guided Grace Family and Youth Services offers a comprehensive range of therapy services, including family therapy. Our team has helped families of all different dynamics and struggles learn to come together and overcome the differences that divide them. 

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What Are The Benefits of Family Counseling?

The benefits of counseling vary from family to family, which may include:

  • Developing healthy boundaries with one another
  • Improving communication 
  • Helping to define roles within the family
  • Improving family dynamics and relationships
  • Providing coping tactics for family members
  • Addressing dysfunctional interactions
  • Encouraging problem-solving

How Does Family Therapy Help?

It is capable of helping with a broad spectrum of problems and dysfunctional behavior, including:

  • Conduct disorders
  • Substance addictions
  • Offending behavior
  • Depression

A 2020 study indicates that families might find therapy useful for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Conflicts between siblings
  • Inconsistent parenting
  • Marital problems
  • Developing a functional and healthy relationship following a divorce
  • Adapting to a major change
  • Dealing with a chronic illness or death in the family
  • Sleep, feeding, and attachment problems in infancy
  • Recovery from child abuse and child neglect
  • Behavioral conditions
  • Disordered eating

In addition, research has shown that family therapy can be effective for teens and adolescents who are experiencing mental health conditions. Participants in this study reported fewer internal and external problems, while parents learned better parenting techniques and means of relating with their children.

Different Methods of Family Counseling 

Functional Family Therapy

This method can help families with a child or adolescent who has complex emotional or behavioral concerns. Sessions provide strategies to help adjust the child’s behavior and improve cohesive family functioning.

Multisystemic Therapy

The goal is to address any behavioral/emotional problems of children or adolescents – improving their interaction within social environments, like schools or neighborhoods.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy

This method is about changing the patterns of interaction between family members. Research has shown brief strategic family therapy was more effective than standard therapies, such as group therapy and parent training groups.

Structural Therapy

Structural therapy helps to restore the family structure. The goal is to achieve a functioning and balanced family hierarchy, with boundaries, respect, and cooperation among family members. Instead of focusing on behavior, family structure is the primary focus.


Examines interactions between parents and children to understand how or why communications cause friction among the family. Transgenerational therapy is an effective option when behavior patterns persist across generations. 

Family Therapy Services Available In Saginaw, MI

If you or a loved one have questions about Family Therapy or any of the therapeutic services offered at Guided Grace Family and Youth Services, we are happy to help you. Call our office to speak with a member of our team or schedule a consultation online to take the first step in your therapy journey!

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